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    Become a professional Software Developer or Machine Learning Expert.

    • Cohort-based
    • Project-centered
    • Peer Learning
    • Global Collaboration
    • Optional Deferred Tuition Agreement                                                (don't pay until getting a job)

    Real-world learning for real-world success


    Learning path

    We are an innovative and disruptive academy. Our methodology is based on learning by doing, peer-to-peer learning, learning to learn, and continuous delivery of hands-on projects. Our program is hybrid and participants should go to the co-working spaces (We work and Techstarts) at least once a week for PLDs and for share with each other. We aren’t an educational entity and don’t deliver certifications, but we know how to train you to enter the world of software with international Silicon Valley standards and global projection.

    Software Development Program (9 months)

    Higher-level languages, advanced algorithms, space and time complexity, database management, and front-end programming. You will use the latest technologies and begin to create a complete web application project that will span the rest of the fundamental year.


    The Foundation continues by emphasizing automation, scalability, and reliability, so you will be familiar with the infrastructure and best practices similar to those in tech powerhouses. Alongside a continuation in web development, you will advance in algorithmic understanding, technical writing, debugging, and project management.

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    Machine Learning advanced Program (9 months)

    The Machine Learning curriculum begins with the fundamentals of neural networks and deep supervised learning using Python3's Numpy library. Starting with perceptrons and single-layered neural networks, you will build out the forward and backpropagation of deep feed-forward, convolutional, and recurrent neural networks from scratch.


    Since data is the backbone of all machine learning, our curriculum wouldn't be complete without the study of data collection and management.


    You will learn about SQL and NoSQL databases, how to scrape and label datasets while avoiding human bias, and how to manage large-scale datasets with Pandas, Hadoop, and Google Cloud Platform.

  • Methodology


    Cohort-based learning is a collaborative learning style in which a set of individuals advances through an educational program together. On-campus programs use a cohort learning model.

    Holberton Schools globally start cohorts three (3) times a year at the same time, usually in winter, spring, and autumn.


    Instead of focusing on simply teaching theory, we will give you increasingly difficult challenges in the form of projects, while giving you minimal initial direction on how to solve such challenges. As a result, you will independently seek out the theory and tools that you need, work to understand them, and then use them.


    This project-centered learning approach more closely resembles what happens in real life at work.


    Peer learning is an important educational practice at our school. Throughout our program, you will interact with other students to reach your educational goals.

    Peer education is a very constructive learning environment, you will be immersed in an environment where everyone is expected to support each other’s learning journey. You will graduate with improved communication and interpersonal/social skills, as well as enhanced leadership skills.

    Learn How to Learn

    You will find solutions to problems using various resources, imagination, creativity, and communication. As a result, you will be able to adapt faster to the unknown challenges you will undoubtedly face throughout your career.


    Our curriculum is both intense and exciting. You will create, build, maintain and scale many applications and systems.

  • Amazing companies hire Holberton alumni

    Holberton School opened its door in 2016 and the world’s most innovative companies believed in it. Our Graduates have found jobs at LinkedIn, Google, Tesla, Docker, Apple, Dropbox, Facebook, Pinterest, Genentech, Cisco, IBM, and more. 


    What are you waiting for to be part of one of the most promising industries?


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  • Does Holberton Miami help me find a job?

    You will receive tools, training, and connections to support you in your job search, but you have the responsibility to give your best efforts.

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    Interview practice

    Experience in technical mock interviews for companies like Google and Amazon.

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    Career Services

    You will have personalized and group guidance for job finding strategies.

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    Career Days

    Events where companies close to you present their opportunities and work culture.

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    Projects with companies

    Optional projects to implement real-life solutions under a mentorship schema within a company.


    Ready to define your future?