From Coderise in partnership with Holberton, we arrive in Florida starting in 2023 in Miami


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After opening schools worldwide, and as part of its global expansion, the Holberton School network is coming to Florida, with the opening of a school in Miami by Coderise.

MIAMI, December 19th, 2022

- Holberton School, a project-based, peer learning program is preparing the next generation of software developers, today announced the opening of Holberton School Florida in Miami, independently owned and operated by Coderise.

Ranked 9th Most Innovative City in 2021, Miami has become a hot spot for technological innovation, with job growth increasing by 14% over the last five years. According to Forbes and Tech Hub South Florida, the South Florida Tech Ecosystem is in high demand for software engineers, computer programmers, artificial intelligent developers, and other tech positions, with four-time more job postings than hires.

To help fulfill South Florida’s need for tech talent and widen the potential talent pipeline for tech employers in the area and around the country, Coderise is partnering with Holberton to open Holberton School Florida in Miami.

“Together with Holberton School, we seek to change the future of hundreds of young people who choose to learn computer programming. We promote the learning of both technical and soft skills to best prepare the talent that companies need today with proven knowledge worldwide, offering a true talent accelerator path”, says Hernando Barreto, Executive Director of Holberton School Florida in Miami.

Well established, the partnership between Coderise and Holberton School has already proven its success in Colombia. With four running schools in Bogotá, Cali, Barranquilla, and Medellín, Holberton School Colombia has already trained more than 1000 students, thus fulfilling IT positions at Globant, Rappi, MercadoLibre, Techstars, Torre, Microsoft, and other international companies.

“We have been partnering with Coderise since 2018. We are thrilled to open this first campus in Florida in partnership with our historical partner and Pioneer of the Holberton School Network. Coderise will operate this new school in Miami. Holberton is born in San Francisco, west coast, and now we are going to the east coast. Miami is one of the most active places in the Tech world. We are proud to be part of this remarkable ecosystem, and Holberton School students will be part of it as contributors and makers of the tech's future”, says Florian Bucher, CEO of the Holberton School Network.

Starting on February 6th, 2023, Holberton School Florida will initially provide two programs, with a duration of three trimesters (9 months) each. The strong curriculum offered in the programs for Software Development and Machine Learning has the Silicon Valley caliber, where Holberton School was born. Although the programs will grant only diplomas (no college-accredited degrees), the high level of training will allow the Holberton School Florida grads to enter into well-paid jobs in the IT industry with the knowledge and skills that local and global companies are looking for.

“Holberton School Florida is open to everybody with a passion for learning software and changing their future, but we also have great interest in promoting the talent of women, Latino, and black minorities, which have been underrepresented in the high-tech jobs scene. For this reason, we are offering partial scholarships for members of those minorities”, says Gloria Blanco, Director of Admissions at Holberton School Florida in Miami.

About Coderise International

Coderise was founded in 2012 by the entrepreneur and investor Andres Barreto, who, as an immigrant in the United States after having founded Socialatom, Grooveshark, and other startups and investment funds, decided to support underserved communities by promoting economic development and social mobility through knowledge and digital technology.

About Holberton School HQ

The Holberton School Network educates tomorrow's tech talent through an innovative, collaborative, and hands-on methodology, with high-quality tech programs straight from Silicon Valley. Since launching its first cohort in 2016 in San Francisco, CA, USA, more than 3,500 students have joined Holberton School in one of its 26 schools around the world.

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